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ECFMAIL - Batch Processing Input from CM/ECF


ECFMAIL is an ECF solution that automates the retrieval of pdf files from the Court's web site. Whether the CM/ECF user receives a daily batch, an email summary, or individual email notices, this solution will efficiently get the mail, and automatically print the documents!


Seamless Integration

ECFMAIL is designed to process incoming documents regardless of the method the Court uses to notify the practitioner of case activity. ECFMAIL works with batch archives of documents, daily CM/ECF e-mail summaries, and individual CM/ECF e-mail notices.


ECFMAIL is a stand-alone application without any compatibility issues.


ECFMAIL permits the user to filter documents for retrieval based upon key-word criteria applied to the CM/ECF event name. ECFMAIL can also except from retrieval documents filed by particular parties. Documents are sorted by CM/ECF event and case number before being queued to local printers, so homogeneous documents always print together.

Simplicity and Efficiency

ECFMAIL automates the tedious process of retrieving case data from the Court. Besides printing the documents retrieved, it also creates a journal of its activity, showing what documents it retrieved and also those that it skipped (because of the user's selection criteria). The pdf files themselves are also stored locally for later viewing or local indexing.

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