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TDP13 -- The Trustee Document Portal Solution


TDP13 is a document portal service enabling debtors' attorneys to submit documents to the Trustee securely online. Documents are automatically delivered and indexed in the Trustee's case management system. What distinguishes TDP13 from other portal solutions is the potential for an intelligent portal. Rather than just an electronic drop box, TDP13 can be integrated with your internal pre-confirmation case review process; it can show attorneys which of their cases are deficient, and direct the attorney to upload the correct kind of document in the correct case, every time.



The key to unleashing the full potential of TDP13 is its integration with your internal case review procedure. If your office utilizes electronic worksheets within your case management system to review each case's eligibility for confirmation, TDP13 can harvest data from your case worksheets and thereby communicate to portal users exactly what the Trustee requires for each case. This two-way exchange of information between the Trustee's office and the debtors' attorneys makes TDP13 a powerful tool for improving your own office's efficiency and for getting more cases confirmed, more quickly. Regardless of the format of your office's unique mechanism for reviewing pre-confirmation plans for completeness and compliance, SMI will work with you to adapt TDP13 to electronically present plan deficiency information identified by your staff directly to portal users.

The Portal Web Site

The public-facing component of TDP13 is the portal web site itself. Here attorneys can log in securely, review their deficient cases, and upload the appropriate documents to resolve those deficiencies. Developed entirely with open-source components, the portal web site can be hosted by Trustees on their preferred host, or the portal can be hosted by SMI as an ongoing service.

Data Transfer -- Upstream

The data transfer component of TDP13 is installed in the Trustee's office. At intervals specified by the Trustee, the upstream phase of the data transfer program harvests plan deficiency information from the Trustee's case management system. Case information for debtors represented by validated portal users is collected and "pushed" to the portal web site via a secure https transaction. This upload initiates a refresh of the portal's database. Deficiencies which have been resolved through document submission are removed, and new deficiencies in new cases are added.

Data Transfer -- Downstream

In the downstream phase of the data transfer, the program running in the Trustee's office "pulls" data and documents submitted through the portal since the last transfer via secure https transaction. The documents are indexed in the Trustee's case management system automatically by type, and routed to the appropriate personnel based on the criteria specified within the case management system's document management facilities. On the portal side, portal users receive feedback regarding the status of their document submissions; the portal indicates whether documents have been submitted for a given deficiency, and further identifies whether the documents have yet been transferred to the Trustee's office.

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